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An advanced form of physical therapy, Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy (OMPT) can improve mobility, help with relieving pain along with reducing the need for prescription drugs.

Have you or an employee received a sports related injury? If you want to improve your mobility, relieve pain or reduce your need for surgery or prescription drugs then OMPT is the ideal solution.

Unlike traditional physical therapy, OMPT is an advanced technique that takes a more holistic approach. By identifying the source of the pain, it’s possible to target any biomechanical deficiencies and then treat them.

OMPT’s specialist team can help with providing fast and effective relief for a wide range of physical injuries.


Massage Therapy is ideal for treating pain and disability as it works on the neuromusculoskeletal system to enhance both the physical function and mobility of individuals.

What makes OMPT different to traditional physical therapy is the techniques that are employed. Physical therapy merely treats the symptoms, but it can be much slower to see results.

In comparison, OMPT uses advanced physical therapy techniques and structural diagnosis to highlight the source of the pain.


Sports injuries can affect the flexibility and mobility of joints and ligaments.
Physical therapy is highly effective at reducing or eliminating pain within the body, but many treatment programs focus merely on exercise; OMPT focuses on manual physical therapy that incorporates a full range of motion.


Physical rehabilitation programs can improve numerous surgical procedures, restoring normal movement patterns and habits while improving optimal mobility.

By strengthening any disused or weakened muscles, the body can eventually return to its full capacity.

OMPT Specialists based in Troy, Michigan are certified by the American Medical Association and they can provide advanced physical rehabilitation programs for fast and effective relief from a range of conditions.

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